Fort Edmonton Park

This is a personal page put together mainly as a supplement to my camping page. Links to other pages are included here first so you don't just have to look at my photo album.

Some Quick Notes on 1995's Harvest Days

Once a year the dedicated volunteers and staff of Fort Edmonton pull out all the stops for their annual Harvest days festival. Fort Edmonton park is a place where I have been offered a job as a farm-hand, seen marching suffragettes (Complete with a bowler hatted heckler.), talked to the Ship's Carpenter who builds the York boats, and looked under the hood of a 1941 Mercury. ( Why does it have two water pumps.) Some of the latter is obviously guy stuff, my friends an my wife disappeared about the time we got the Ship's Carpenter started on what went on during this year's York boat trip down the North Saskatchewan which reporter Bill Sass wrote up in the Edmonton journal. Yes,Bill really did serve as ballast. Wooden boats tend to take on a bit of water during a rainy two week trip so it was "Stand over here, Bill,so we can bail 'er out."

We found our wives later at the farmer's market.

The thumnail images below and the picture of the two cowboys at the chuckwagon on my camping page were taken by Roy Schmaus during Fort Edmonton's Harvest Days in late August,1995. They will look best on a 256 color browser.

Members of the South Edmonton Rotary Club threshing grain the old-fashioned way.
Steam powered threshing machine

This lady is roasting a chicken over hot coals,with her campfire to the left, on 1895 Street.
Picture of a covered wagon