Here is a summary and small photo gallery of some of our camping activities over the last couple of years. (2000 - 2001) Pictures on this page are copyrighted so don't take anything from here without permission.

Chez Us

Picture of us. Our rig. Puppy Denver.

Us after coming out of church. If you don't like formal portraits last year's Halloween picture is here

Our 1985 Crown Victoria with our 1986 Bonair 1690 trailer at the Pembina River Provincial Park. We have had both since new and the car has less than 130,000 km. on the clock.

Puppy Denver in late Winter, 2001. He's a very lively Bichon Frise - American Cocker Spaniel cross born December 10, 2000.

The Parkland Jays Group Camp at Carson -Pegasus, August, 2000

Ok, it's really supposed to be the Parkland Jays Chapter of the Good Sam Club. The person in the with the trucking outfit cap of sideways is our Wagonmaster. (Janet) Some of us actually did go boating, fishing, and hiking on the park trails.

A record (For us!) seventeen rigs attended.

Roy and Janet's RV Club Sign C-P Campout 2000
C-P Campout 2000 C-P Campout 2000


Parkland Jays Campout #1:Thunder Lake Group Camp, May 25, 26, 2001

The Parkland Jays first camp out of the year was in group area "B" at Thunder Lake Park. Drought conditions led to a fire ban in the park but we were able to use the Franklin stove in the shelter.

Six RV's from our club were there Friday and Saturday plus our kid's tent on Saturday night.

Picture of the Thunder Lake Group Area Campers with dogs. Thanks 
for the picture, Lorraine.

The layout is similar but a bit smaller than the group area at Carson-Pegasus.

Six couples and six dogs attended the Thunder Lake group camp. One couple has two dogs. One other couple used a stuffed sheep in lieu of their two Rottweilers left at home.

Parkland Jays Campout #2:Wetaskawin Lions RV Park, June 9, 10, 2001

We had four rigs at Wetaskiwin and attended the Reynolds-Alberta Museum Special Event Week End.

Reynolds-Alberta Museum

Drivers and passengers in period costumes run vehicles of every year from 1901 to the present. The children in the top two pictures were eagerly awaiting rides in the 1903 Rambler and the 1920 Detroit Electric. Parade time was approaching just after two o'clock in the afternoon when the boy's grandfather told me that the kid had been waiting there since ten o'clock that morning.

1903 Rambler E Runabout 1920 Detroit Electric
Running Antique Car Chrysler Airflow

Light rain had moved in as the Locomobile and the museum's now fully restored 1935 Chrysler Airflow went by. The Airflow was years ahead of it's time but never a commercial success.

June 20 to 24: Provincial Samboree, Medicine Hat

8 RV’s from our Chapter attended. We had to miss that one.

Lorraine's photograph of the Parkland Jays at the Medicine Hat 2001 Samboree is here (48k jpg.)

Parkland Jays Campout #3: June 29, 30th, & July 1 :Blueberry Hill RV Park, Athabasca

We had 9 RV’s at Athabasca for the Canada Day celebrations and the very pretty golf course next to the camp ground.

Parkland Jays Campout #4: July 13 & 14 Canyon Creek Golf & RV Resort, Rocky Mountain House,

Canyon Creek has large full hook up sites, a challenging golf course, the Rocky Mountain House Historic Park nearby, and the odd tornado warning. We had 4 RV’s there.

July 27 & 28: Leduc Heritage Antique Society

This event was cancelled until September due to very wet grounds after heavy late July rains.

July 31

Roy retired from the University where he had worked since starting as an hourly paid employee in June, 1961.

Parkland Jays Campout # 5: August 3, 4, and 5: Spruce Acres RV Park, Smoky Lake

The Smoky Lake trip got started last year when a few of us were handing out Good Sam Literature at an RV dealer's open house in Morinville. The operator of a new campground in Smoky Lake told us of Rodeo and Combine Demolition Derby events in the town during the August long week end and eventually four of our rigs made reservations.

Smoky Lake is close to the Victoria Settlement with the oldest house still on it’s original location in Alberta.

The Great Pumpkin. Eastern rite church domes

Smoky Lake is well known for the annual pumpkin festival every October.

The domes of this Greek Orthodox Church were visible from a high spot in our campground. The copper had been replaced about two years ago and was still it's natural colour.

The Smoky Lake Stampede and Demolition Derby

Bull riding. The combine demolition derby

The rodeo clown has to try and be funny while doing the most dangerous job in the rodeo.

The big Case combine on the right was the eventual winner of this demolition derby.

Victoria Settlement

Victoria Settlement Guide The HBC Clerk's House, the oldest building in Alberta still on the original site.

"Located on the North Saskatchewan River along the Victoria Trail, the Reverend George McDougall founded a Methodist mission to the Cree in 1862. The Hudson's Bay Company established Fort Victoria in 1864 to trade with the local natives. The Mission and Fort became a nucleus for an English speaking Metis community whose river lots extended six miles along the river banks. The 1890s saw a wave of Ukranian and other European settlers taking up homesteads in the area. The once thriving commercial and service centre collapsed when the railway passed it by in 1918. Victoria Settlement was declared a Provincial Historic Site in 1961"

Pembina River Provincial Park

We spent a few days at the Pembina River Provincial Park. The 'Lone Wolves' had their annual 'River Run' and car show in the town of Evansburg, just across the river from the park.

Auburn replicar Lone wolves car show.

Parkland Jays Campout #6: August 17 & 18th: Carson Pegasus Provincial Park, near Whitecourt

Carson-Pegasus campsite

Carson-Pegasus is always a favorite spot for our club to visit and we had 11 RV’s at the group camp on the week end.

Janet and Denver the dog enjoy some peace and quiet in the the power site that we moved to on Sunday night after the group camp was over. Someone had left quite a collection of 'Texas Firewood' there.

September 6: Red Lodge Provincial Park

The Little Red Deer River at Red Lodge

Red Lodge is situated West of Bowden, Alberta.

The picture was of the Little Red Deer River was taken in early September during an overnight stop on the way to Calgary.

Parkland Jays Campout #7: September 7 and 8th.: Pine Creek (Calgary)

A number of rigs from our 'Parkland Jays' Chapter of the Good Sam Club stayed at the Pine Creek Campground on highway two South, just outside of the Calgary city limits. The Masters Tournament and a number of other events were going on at Spruce Meadows, just West of the campground.

Pictures below are of the 'Cardston Trolley' with it's handsome trio of Clydesdales, and of the rare 'Little Horse of Iron', a.k.a. the Canadian horse.

Cardston Trolley Canadian Horses


  1. Spruce Meadows
  2. The Canadian Horse

September 9 & 10 : Drumheller, Alberta

The Drumheller Dinosaur

We had originally planned on going to Kananaskis after leaving Calgary but closures due to an extreme fire hazard and the onset of much colder weather changed our destination to Drumheller for a couple of nights.

Janet had always wanted to go to the Dinner Theatre at the Rosebud Theatre School so we made reservations for the next days Matinee and decided to move to the small primitive campground at Rosebud in the morning.

Drumheller, September 11, 9 a.m.

The man from the fifth wheel with the satellite dish near us came over waving his cell 'phone.

"My daughter just called from Nova Scotia and told me to turn the TV on. America is under attack! It's all over the TV!"

" Who would dare? They spend over forty billion a year on the Military"

"The Pentagon's on fire and the World Trade Center in New York has been demolished!"

"Osama Bin Laden?"

Our small TV didn't work and the only radio station we could get was the local CKUA booster station so the full impact of the shocking news would have to wait until we got home next week.

September 11 and 12: Rosebud, Alberta

Rosebud, population 100, is about as far from New York City as it's possible to get. "Well, what can you do?" said Janet. "We need some comedy relief after this morning's news so we're still going to 'Chickens'. "

Chickens Ad Board Rosebud Opera House

Lines more or less cribbed shamelessly from the frustrated farmer's wife in 'Chickens':

"Men reach their peak at eighteen. It's like giving fireworks to a monkey."

"Women reach their peak at thirty five, about the time men start watching 'Hockey Night in Canada' in bed!"

Link: Rosebud Theatre

Mini Samboree and Fall Meeting: September 13 to 16th: Rumsey, Alberta

Rumsey mini Samboree

Samborees and for that matter Mini Samborees are always great opportunities to renew old acquaintances and make new friends. Here Janet is chatting with the folks in the next site who run a White Angus farm in southern Alberta.

Fine Fall weather and excellent banquet facilities resulted in around 92 rigs there, including the four from our chapter, a record attendance for a Fall Meeting.

September 17 : Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

Miquelon Fall Colours

Our last destination was an overnight at Miquelon on the way home from Rumsey. A busy Fall schedule and nightly frost meant it was time to return home and winterize the trailer.

Some of us, of course, are eager to start planning next year's itinerary. Happy Camping!

Roy and Janet Schmaus, April, 2002

Denver the Pup