Trip log 2012

May Long Weekend:

We had to cancel our planned trip to Ferintosh due to Janet's ear infection.

Installed a new trailer water heater, need to rework the bypass set up as the inlet extends 2 inches more than on the old one not leaving enough room to get the bypass kit on to the lower tank inlet. Installed without the bypass for now.

Tuesday, June 12-17: Alberta Provincial Samboree, Tofield, Alberta

Our Parkland Jays  Good Sam Chapter  was the main sponsor for this Samboree. We booked a power only site in the 18 site municipal campground in Tofield due to Janet's scent perception problems making her want to avoid generator fumes. 

June 12: Set up in Tofield campground site 5. We walked over to the arena and helped move stuff in the kitchen then helped set up tables and chairs. Janet came over later on Les's golf cart and reported that the people in the adjacent site had their motor home damaged by a gunshot.

Went back to the campground later and talked to the lady in the motor home. Damage last Saturday night was a broken window (Most likely from a bb gun.) and they have friends in the local gun club. The ship will most likely hit the sand on this one.

The motor home was a temporary residence while the owners were waiting for a new house. They had left the rig in the empty campground last Saturday. They also had four elderly Japanese Chins and a Chihuahua all of which were geriatric ex show dogs.

stormcloudsRigs on the Arena Grounds

Stormclouds Over the Campground and Some Rigs Near the Arena

Weather was hot today with a late afternoon thunderstorm and the forecast for the rest of the week is typical Alberta Samboree weather i.e. lots of rain. Registration so far is 194 rigs and 200 is the break even point.

registration desk

The Parkland Jays Registration Crew  Waiting for  Arriving Good Sams

Wednesday,June 13: Registration, Samgo Bingo.

Intermittent rain. Opening ceremonies started at 7:30. After that entertainer Wayne Shortt (Stettler Steam Train) was outstanding with his Irish humour and audience participation sing along. The crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Thursday June 14: Golf, Crib tournaments, Ice Cream Social, and Bean Bag Baseball

Roy entered the crib tournament and had a good time.

We skipped the beanbag toss later and took a walk around town. Roy re-visited the library later with the laptop for the free wifi. You have to get a login and password from one of the attendants.

The ice cream social (UFO Sams) was good, then us Parkland Jays set up and ran the beanbag baseball. We both played. Roy's team lost one game the won two. We had eight beanbag set ups.

Friday, June 15: Men's Coffee, Ladies Red Hat Tea amd More

It had rained all night with more in the forecast so the bocce ball was canceled. We had to set up tables for the men's coffee and ladies red hat tea. Janet had bought tickets to the community center supper at 5 pm today.

The community supper was an excellent turkey dinner with a quintet entertaining afterward. Funds raised for the medical fund were around $2500.00. After the supper we went back to the arena for 50- 50 draws and entertainment which was a talented husband and wife guitar and song affair.

Saturday, June 16:Craft Sales, Pet Parade, and Banquet

We slept in, used the cg showers, then went oo craft sales, etc. in the curling rink. The dog parade at 11:00 was held outside in the cold, gusty weather.

The banquet and closing ceremonies took place later. A-1 Catering did an excellent job on the banquet and later a group from Villeneuve provided the entertainment.

Sunday, June 17: Non Denminational Church Service, Breakfast, and Farewells

A-1 Catering did another excellent job on the breakfast then people said their goodbyes. Our Chapter put table and chairs away, loaded chairs, power panels, and the P.A. system in to a trailer for transport. We were finished before 1 pm. so packed our own stuff up and headed for home.

June 29-July 2, 2012: Parkland Jays Campout at Imrie Park

Imrie is a pleasant little park on the west side of Devil's Lake near Onoway. Eighteen rigs in attendance somewhat straining the facilities. Sixteen Parkland Jays plus two guests were there.

When we left we noticed a number of people having trouble locating the nearest dump station in Onoway. To get there westbound on highway 37 take the Onoway exit then turn left on to the gravel road where the main road into town turns right. Follow the gravel road, which will turn south. The dump station will be on your right. It is hidden behind the hill. The exit back on to the main road has a restricted view of traffic on the road so use caution when leaving.

July, 2012:

We had to cancel a planned trip the East of Edson RV Park due to basement flooding caused by a severe rainstorm. We live near the top of a hill and most problems over the last forty years have been due to lightning strikes on the large trees in the neighborhood.

August 3-5: Parkland Jays Campout in the Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park Group Area

Our site The neighbours
campfire campfire

The Whitecourt Wanderers joined us and we had a total of twenty-five rigs in attendance for the usual socializing and games. While we were setting up for Saturday's potluck supper one of the Whitecourt people receive a cell 'phone call. "The Lions campground has been hit by a tornado and it is toast! Hundred foot Spruce trees have been blown down and rigs and vehicles have been damaged. I am the president of the Lions club and will have to go there immediately!"

We proceeded with the potluck supper. The Lion's president returned later to report that the campground had to be closed and evacuated. One rear slide fifth wheel had the rear slide knocked off by a falling tree while three people sat down to supper in the rig. Fortunately in spite of the huge amount of property damage no one was hurt or killed.

September 23-26, 2012: Pembina River Provincial Park

After rebuilding quite a bit of the west fence, Janet's many appointments, dealing with basement flooding, etc. we finally had some time to go camping in beautiful early Fall weather.

All sites are now are power and all but two loops are reservation. Fees were $27.00 per night less a $2.00 per night senior's discount. We hiked some of the trails, talked to some of the few campers there at the time, and generally unwound after a busy Summer.

We made a side trip into Evansburg for some small repair items for the trailer and visited a few of the local businesses. We were pleasantly surprised by the Family Clothing Store which does not look like much from the street but seems to expand into quite a large area once you are inside. Bailey hats for $60.00, denim shirts, etc. and you also get to talk to the owner.

On day four, Thursday, our furnace went off at 3 a.m. and Roy had to go outside and switch propane tanks. Apart from that we had a wonderful time before returning home to winterize the trailer.