Trip log 2011

Trip #1 Ferintosh Spring Invitational

Duct tape cap repair

We have a sort of tradition of going to the Ferintosh Good Sam Spring Meeting with our Parkland Jays Chapter on the May long week end. This year we started off meeting Keith, Darlene, and Adolph at the Husky truck stop intending to convoy to the meeting site.  Keith found that one of his trailer wheels was missing a grease cap and had been unable to find one of the correct size at the tire shop next door.  With time running out we managed to improvise a duct tape cap that lasted for the weekend. Red Green would have been proud!

We all got to Ferintosh and had a good time with all of our friends around the recently renovated community hall.  Saturday was Good Sam clean up day and all of the crews picked up a total of eighty pounds of garbage from the nearby highway.  All enjoyed Bean Bag Baseball, Boccee, Cribbage, etc.  Food included the Friday potluck, The Saturday catered banquet, and the Sunday morning breakfast after the short, non-denominational, church service.  We also managed to drive home without the after effects of the snowstorms that have often been a part of this event.

Trip #2: May 30 -June 2 Parkland Jays to Longriders RV Park near Gibbons

Horses Dinosaur Repairmen

This was a weekday campout for the retirees in our Chapter. We visited the nearby Jurassic Forest, hiked the campground trail a couple of times, and some went golfing at Goose Hummock.

The park staff was friendly and helpful.  Longriders website is 

Trip #3 June 15 - 19 Alberta Samboree, Stettler

Table centerpiece prize

Janet was ill with Acid Reflex on Wednesday so we called to cancel our pre paid registration.  Roy was called that day to help transport and set up chairs for a very large funeral for an old friend at our Church on Thursday so that was attended to.

Meanwhile Janet’s Doctor changed her medication and she was feeling so much better on Friday we set out for the Samboree.  After driving to Stettler in intermittent rain we manage to find someone who located our registration material and set the trailer up near a small slough.  Water Front Property! At least we were there in time for tomorrow’s banquet, etc.    The weather had cleared a bit so we did manage to walk around and  visit with many old aquaintances.

Saturday the rain poured down. “I stepped out the door in to two inches of water”  “Umm - Looks like our water front property has turned in to a full basement!  We are going to have to move this thing.”

After setting up in the adjacent curling rink parking lot we had to move again due to a large wedding party expected there.  The street was the only place left.

We did manage to attend the banquet where we won a couple of prizes. Roy won the table centerpiece in the picture and Janet won a toolbox. After a night on the street we had breakfast, said our goodbyes, and headed for home. 

Trip 4: June 30 - July 3 Imrie Park

A Parkland Jays campout near Onoway.  A pleasant little park reported on in previous years and about 1/2 hour from Spruce Grove.

Trip 5: July 15 - 17 Telegraph Park near Hay Lakes

Cairn re the 1876 telegraph staion that eas here. Bocce tournamment.
Some Wild Roses
Rigs Scout Cabin Windmill

A joint campout in the group area with Good Sam Chapter rigs from Spruce Grove, Camrose, and Stony Plain. The group area is just an open field with a small cook shack and biffies. The adjacent park sports a stocked, aerated trout pond and about a section of area to explore along with a small power only campsite. Everyone in our groups had a good time playing all the usual games, going to heavy duty eating events, etc.

Trip 6: July 28 - August 2 Blueberry Hill RV Park, Athabasca

Main StreetScene

The rest of our Parkland Jays had gone to Maillag for “Haying in the Thirties” so just the two of us made this trip.  Athabasca was celebrating its one-hundredth birthday so we enjoyed a variety of events around the town.  Roy's great grandparents,  John and Elizabeth Fielders,  had  some homestead property there ninety some  years ago  so the town is always an interesting place to visit.   Elizabetn had apparently laid out a  subdivision  north of the river.

We were waiting in line for Saturday's free pancake breakfast and the fellow in front of us was a retiree from Athabasca University. A woman was coming down the line shaking hands.

"I'm Danielle Smith, the Wild Rose Party Canditate  etc."   Will you vote for me?" Some fireworks ensued.

On Sunday Rick and Veronica invited us to a gourmet supper at their cabin on South Island Lake along with a ride in Rick’s new inboard. Supper cooked over the open fire pit was wonderful and the tour of the lake was fun.

Trip 7: August 11 - 14 Usona Curling Rink

Official Hillbilly Swatter Hillbilly Banquet

    The Official Hillbilly Swatter

        Hillbilly Banquet

A Good Sam invitational hosted by the Wetaskiwin and Ponoka Good Sams.  We enjoyed a scavenger hunt, crib tournament, bean bag baseball, etc. as well as a hillbilly banquet.  A memorable event was Georg Burgess playing bean bag baseball with a little help from his friend tapping the board. George is blind but did quite well.

Janet came down with a really nasty bowel disorder that would result in a 28 pound loss in three weeks and keep us from camping for a while.  Her Doctor finally found the right medication for the problem.

Trip 8: September 11-13 Wabamun Provincial Park

The two of us went to Wabamun for a bit of fall camping.  Weather was fine in the daytime but too chilly to sit out much as soon as the sun went down so we spent evenings watching DVD’s in the trailer.  We had originally headed for Pembina but when we got there it was closed for construction.   The world's biggest "Dragonfly"  is in the nearby Village of Wabamun due to a local welder seeing a sculpture in that pile of metal. 

Wabamun Campsite dragonfly sculpture

Trip 9 September 20 - 23 Thunder Lake Provincial Park

Thunder Lake Campsite

This park was very pretty in the Fall. Roy hiked the trails and rode his mountain bike quite a bit while Janet did some needlepoint. A visit to Barrhead was also fun with visits to friendly local businesses and a not so secret sandwitch shop. . The laptop log is below.

Normally we would not be camping this late in the season but this year after a very wet, cold June and July Summer has been held over by popular demand and here we are after registering for four days.   There are only two or three other campers in here tonight and the high for today was around eighteen degrees C with clear skies.  Predictions are for a high of 26 on Friday so we are making up for lost time during Janet’s illness.

A couple of bags of birch wood from our late lamented Weeping birch also came along with us for campfires. After it got too chilly to sit around the fire we went inside, turned the furnace on, and watched DVD’s. Denver is a pooped puppy dog after exploring some of the many trails here.