2009 Trip Log

December 2008 to to Spring 2009

Our 1997 Mazda Protege is in good running order again after a winter spent driving Janet everywhere in our F150 Supercrew. Replacement of the fuel pressure regulator following instructions in the shop manual took care of that and I now have twelve pages of notes on all of the work done plus a five hundred page 1996 Mazda Protege shop manual downloaded from an internet site. Roy

May 15 – 18 Good Sam Ferintosh Spring Invitational

The usual first trip of the year campout. Our Parkland Jays Chapter helped with the breakfast on Monday morning. This is an annual event and the usual good time was had by all.

A great banquet and excellent band kept everyone happy Saturday night. The Monday morning snow was a bit of a surprise. The new Atwood Hydro Flame Everest Star furnace in our trailer worked very well.

May 28 – May 31 Ol Pembina River Ferry Crossing Campground, Sangudo, Alberta

This campground was reviewed in past years. We managed to have a good time even though the evening campfire gatherings were chilly.

July 2nd to July 5th : Hinton-Jasper KOA

Denver the dog

A Parkland Jays campout with six rigs attending. Spotless washrooms, a dog agility course, Kamping Kabins with a central shelter equipped with sinks and stove tops, and a communal roofed fireplace were enjoyed by all.

"Look what the guy next to me lifted off of his slide topper before he left this morning" Len said as he brandished a sheet of ice left after our first night at the campground. Denver the dog was not impressed.

We took side trips to Jasper, Hinton, and Gregg Lake in William Switzer Provincial park where renovations were still going on.

Our rv group had an improntu pyrogy supper in the Kabin shelter after Roy told a (Not great!) Ukrainian joke.

July 17 - 18: Pipestone Links

Reviewed last year. We had a pretty good time there until the windstorm on Saturday night. Radio reports from Edmonton told us that trees had been uprooted and a lot of property damage had occurred. One listener called in to say that he had driven in from Athabasca in 4 wheel drive with lightning so bad that he hardly needed headlights. Remarkably no one was hurt in Edmonton and we must have been on the southern edge of the storm so were undamaged. Things finally calmed down around midnight.

July 30 - August 3: Blueberry Hill RV Park

This one is a regular for our Good Sam chapter and you can go to their web site for campground information. This year the owners gave us a grand tour of their new Country Roads diesel pusher motor home. The woodwork in that unit is better than what you seed in a lot of houses.

We were invited to our in-laws Rick and Veronica's lot on South Island Lake for an outdoor supper. Our kids came up from Edmonton and Spruce Grove and everyone had a great time.

August 10 - 12 Wetaskiwin Lions RV Park

Avro Arrow 7/7 model

This year is the one hundredth year of aviation in Canada so a visit to the Aviation Hall of Fame at the Reynolds Alberta Transportation Museum to see the 7/8 scale model Avro Arrow model was in order.

I had an Avro Arrow screensaver on a lab computer when I worked at the University of Alberta and was a bit surprised that a lot of the younger people who saw it were unaware that that aircraft had been built in Canada. There is more on the Museum web site or just Google "Avro Arrow" for more. Roy

Yes that is the real Waco biplane taxiing in under the Arrow model in the picture.

From the Dell Axim X50 pocket computer:

Monday - Arrived at Wetaskiwin Lions RV park. They no longer are a Good Sam Park but will still discount for Wayfarer Explorer cards.

Tuesday, Aug 11:Peavey Mart--Lots of tools on sale, Tourist Info Centre, Downtown Wetaskiwin Museum - Model RR made by 100 year old man who just moved to a Seniors residence,Reynolds Museum- Avro Arrow full scale model, etc.
The new Co-Op Home Centre is huge and they even have Merino wool socks! Janet had to go to Safeway for bread and newspapers, later I tried the bike trail to The Park on the Lake but was blocked by railroad fence. Got to the old railway station then tried north for a ways but all seems to be fenced. We ha a campfire later, wood is $5 for a wheelbarrow full.

In September Gladys from the Wetaskiwin Good Sams told me that the railroad had put the fence up because locals had objected to the train horns blowing through the middle of town. If you want to bike to By the Lake Park go west through the subdivision by the hospital then south on fiftieth street until you hit the trail. ..Roy

August 28 - 30 Thunder Lake Provincial Park

The Whitecourt Wanderers had booked a group area for the weekend but it turned out to be a tent site unsuitable for large RV's so they wound up in the open overflow area by the dam. Our Parkland Jays had two rigs in attendance and our president and his wife came out for the day on Sunday.

Jeff, one of the Whitecourt people works at the airport there where a lot of water bombers used the Whitecourt airport as a base for fighting forest fires in the area.

Jeff's story: Pilots have to calculate fuel and water loads before talking off. One night an "Air Tractor" pilot discovered that he had miscalculated his fuel load and his plane was running out of fuel heading west over the eastbound lane of highway sixteen. An eastbound trucker with a tandem load of condensate in tow saw lights in the sky, said "This can't be happening!", and put the brakes on in a hurry. The "air tractor" and the semi truck wound up stopped facing each other on the highway about fifty feet apart.

September 5 - 6 Batt Traps Golf Course, Camp Creek, Alberta : Barrhead High School Graduation 50th Anniversary Reunion

We had a wonderful time there and will get some picture up here eventually.

September 10 -13 Good Sam Fall Meeting Invitational at Drumheller

Stegosaurus rider

The fall meeting was held at the rodeo grounds right next to the provincial hoosegow. We also took lots of interesting side trip to the Tyrell museum, the Bleriot ferry, etc.

September 13 - 14 Stettler Municipal Campground (Was Stettler Lions)

The weather was so nice that we stayed a couple of days. Janet's cousin Norma came to visit.

The museum next to the campground covers quite a large land area and has a wondrous collection of things. There is a section on Dieppe which was quite interesting as Roy's uncle, Gordon Meneely, was chosen as an instructor forcing him to stay in England a few days before the rest of his outfit was shipped out to Dieppe. The greatest number of the p.o.w.s taken at Dieppe were from Stettler where there is a tribute to them in the museum.

September 15 -16 Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

We stopped there to see what improvements had been made and that would make a laudatory essay. The weather on those two days was hot and sunny as well so we enjoyed the last camping trip of the year.

Roy and Janet Schmaus December, 2009.