2008 Trip Log

Old rig New rig

Our 1985 Crown Victoria, Cross Lake, September 2007

Our 2005 F150 and 1986 Bonair 1690, North Thompson River Provincial Park, August 2008

December 2007 to to March 2008

We started 2008 with car trouble with both of our cars so traded the Crown Victoria for a 2005 F150 Supercrew 4X4 with a trailer package in February.

We had the Crown Victoria since it was new and since it had around 154000km on the clock were a bit sorry to see it go. Our son spotted it on the highway recently so its doing better than the (expletive deleted) 1997 Mazda Protege (92000 km.) which after timing belt/drive belt/ignition components/front O2 sensor replacement still shows a P1170 code so a fuel pressure regulator is now waiting for installation. (Dec. 08)

May 16 – 19 Good Sam Ferintosh Spring Invitational

The usual first trip of the year campout. Our Parkland Jays Chapter helped with the breakfast on Sunday morning. This is an annual event and the usual good time was had by all.

May 30 – June 1 Ol Pembina River Ferry Crossing Campground, Sangudo, Alberta

Model A Ford

Here's George Suntjens taking some of the ladies from our Parkland Jays RV club for a ride in his pristine Model A Ford roadster. Everyone had a good time.

This campground was reviewed in past years.

June 17 - 19.: Pembina River Provincial Park

The two of us spent a few days at Pembina. We enjoyed watching a pair of woodpeckers feeding their young right next to our campsite and hiking up to the viewpoint. The fence is gone at the viewpoint on the cliff so some maintenance needs to be done there.

Construction crew parties in a nearby site kept us awake and the mess they left resulted in a furious warden giving them eviction notices on Thursday morning.

The power site cost $72.00 for three nights (Seniors rate.)

July 4 - 6: Pipestone Links

Golf course golfers

View from our site.

Gordon and Rokus on the course. Oops!

Pipestone links is just south of Millet and the owners are trying to sell seasonal sites beside their pretty nine hole golf course. Our Parkland Jays wagonmaster booked us there since it was close (High gas prices!) and they had an unserviced group area that we could use for an attractive price.

We had the usual potluck supper and "Men cook breakfast for the women" events and everyone who was there wants to go back.

July 19 - 21: Imrie Park

Another Parkland Jays campout on the West side of Devil's Lake near Onoway. A nice little spot close to our Spruce Grove home base and best suited to self contained rigs.

Sunset at Imrie Park

The picture was taken as the sun was setting. Bob would cook pancakes on the wood stove in one of the shelters on Sunday morning with excellent results.

August 1 - 4 Blueberry Hill RV Park, Athabasca, Alberta

A Parkland jays campout where the management set up a large tent for our potluck, etc.

Reported on in other years. This year the wild blueberries were loaded with berries.

We had a problem with a leaking tire so called Explorer emergency road service, left cell number but received no call back. That's two strikes. Pumped the tire up with a hand pump and found a local tire store up the hill on the south side of town that fixed the nail puncture.

UFO Sams (St. Paul) Good Sam Invitational at Mallaig, Alberta

Banquet in the Mallaig Hall

Banquet in the Maillaig Community Centre

As always the St. Paul Good Sams put on a memorable Mini Samboree where everyone had a good time. Roy won a denim shirt and a "John Deere tractor" light string. Many thanks to Century 21 realty and the Lafrenieres for donating those prizes. Thanks is also due to people who donated the many prizes and did all of the work organizing this event.

August 20 - 27 B.C. Trip to Janet's Aunt Jean's 95th Birthday Open House at Lavington

Janet fed the lambs on her aunt's farm as a kid and in spite of record high gas prices we had to go. Jean's attitude was pretty well summed up in a Christmas card where she wrote "I'm 91 and still upright and still driving my little car."

Day 1 Spruce Grove to Valemont
Noted in the log: The rest area east of Edson is in an awful mess!

We drove from Spruce Grove through Jasper to Mount Robson where we originally were going to stay the first night. Heavy rain changed our plans to a full service site at Irvin's RV Park in Valemont. There were quite a few Trans Mountain Pipeline workers there who were temporarily not working due to all the rain.

Irvin's has pull through full hook up sites and spotlessly clean wash rooms.

Day 2 Valemont to Clearwater

"We'll stop at the North Thompson River Provincial Park tonight so watch for the signs."

"There's the sign. Turn off here!"

"Doesn't look like much of a road but OK"

We pass a roadside sign indicating that this is not a public road then come to a not too promising looking one lane bridge. Stop and see that there isn't enough room to safely turn the rig around. Janet exits the truck and stomps off up the road behind us in a huff.

I flag down a lady in a small car to ask for directions. Just then a truck towing a large fifth wheel trailer comes across the bridge so conclude it must be safe. "You can turn around across the bridge and then follow me to the park gate." The lady then picks up Janet and after crossing the bridge and managing to turn around in the tight area available come back across the bridge and retrieve Janet. We follow the small car back to the highway and south to the well marked park gate of the left side of the road.

"There's something dead in here!" So much for the first campsite since we have the dog with us

Eventually we found a nice site and found that the North Thompson River provincial Park is quite a nice spot for an overnight stop as it is very pretty and has a number of easy hiking trails.

Junction of Clearwater and North Thompson Rivers

Clearwater and North Thompson Rivers from the trail viewpoint

All sites are unserviced and cost $15.00 per night. The "F150" picture at the top of this page was taken in our site in this park. Roy

Days Three to Five: Clearwater to Vernon

We drove south in intermittent rain through Kamloops then somewhere near Monte Lake got a bit of a shock.

"Look out!"

Braking hard we just missed trophy size buck who leaped across the road in front of us. "Drat, its not even hunting season yet!"

Eventually we made it to Vernon, stopped at the tourist information centre, and made our way to Dutch's Vernon Creek Resort where Janet had booked a site since it was the closest thing available to Lavington.

Our site was narrow and the whole place needs some TLC.

Janet's sister Joan lives in Vernon with her husband George and her brother Chuck came from Victoria with his wife Kathy and daughter Maureen so we did a lot of visiting. Roy also called his cousin Gale who invited us out for supper at Desert Cove Estates. "You can tell the folks in Barrhead that Cousin Gale is living on the injun reservation!" Gale loves to cook and her husband Luke doesn't have a weight problem so we would be there on Sunday!

We all went to Jean's open house at Lavington on the 24th. This would turn out to be Jean's last time at her acreage as she suffered a fall and has since moved in with a relative on an island off the B.C. coast.

Open house food Open house tents Joan with Jean

The buffet at Jean's house.

Some of the assembled multitude. That's Janet in the green hat with Denver in her lap.

Janet's sister Joan with aunt Jean (95)

Later that day we went to Desert Cove estates where Gale cooked a wonderful supper. She also had a pig shaped cutting board that Roy had made for her mom as a kid and completely forgotten about.

Day Six Vernon to Revelstoke

Rain pelted down from the highway 97 junction with highway 1 all the way to Revelstoke where we pulled in to the Lamplighter campground for the night. Its now a Good Sam park and the people running it are making a good effort but had to close some campsites due to all the rain.

Gas in Revelstoke was the highest price we paid anywhere and the really annoying part was having to leave a credit card before pumping gas and that involved standing in line twice behind all those people buying lottery tickets then repeating the process to pay.

We wanted to at least overnight in Revelstoke as it was Janet's home town. Line ups at the local McDonalds were out the door so we tried A & W who were also very busy. Once we got out of there we went to have a look at Janet's old neighborhood, knocked on Davidson's door and found Janet's original neighbors still in the same house. That's Andy with Janet in the picture below.

Janet with Andy The house that Janet grew 
up in.

Janet with Andy Davidson.

This is the house that Janet's Dad, Ralph Palmer, built in 1940 and where she grew up.

Day Seven Revelstoke to Lake Louise

Our truck and trailer performed very well through the Rogers Pass and that wondrous new bridge east of Golden now bypasses what used to be the worst section of the mountain road. We picked up seniors 1 day park passes for $16.50 at the information centre in Field then camped at the Lake Louise campground. Weather was very chilly but the log reports getting a good night's sleep for a change. Cost was $32.00 per night for power only.

Us at Lake Louise

Days Eight and Nine Lake Louise to Cochrane then Home
We drove from Lake Louise to the still new looking Bow River's Edge in Cochrane. Pull through full hook up sites were available for $34.00 per night with the Good Sam discount. There was a Class A motor home towing a Cadillac Escalade in the row in front of us. We spent the night there then took the "Cowboy Trail" home.

September 3 -7 Good Sam Fall Meeting Invitational at Villeneuve

villeneuve site Pig Roaster hall

Some Wednesday night set up rigs behind St. Peter's RC Church

Pig Roaster Martin Jennings let us take a peek. Martin started at 6 a.m., supper would be 6 p.m.

The hall

Our Parkland Jays Chapter of the Good Sam Club hosted the annual Northern Region Fall Mini Samboree at the community hall in the nearby village of Villeneuve. About ninety-five rigs attended. The usual games, golf tournaments, socializing, etc. went on and as a bonus the weather was warm and sunny. The usual good time was had by all.

Horse call

This stray cowboy came to ask for directions. He's making a horse call.

September 17 - 18 Pembina River Provincial Park

Normally we would be winterizing the trailer around this time but with record twenty five degree highs forecast we decided to take a couple of days between meetings, etc. to enjoy the Fall weather.

Pembina campsite Pembina River

We had a total of thirty six camping nights this year so returned home to winterize the trailer on September 23rd then installed a new Atwood Hydro Flame Everest Star furnace in the trailer around October 1st.

Roy and Janet Schmaus December, 2008.