2006 Trip Log

May 19 – 22 Ferintosh Spring Invitational

The annual Good Sam Spring invitational camp out at the Ferintosh Community Hall was enjoyed by all that attended. Our Parkland Jays ran the Beanbag Baseball tournament.

The excellent banquet was followed by ‘Jerry and the Pacemakers’, a ten person group from the Red Deer area. They mentioned being great CCR fans and canvassed the audience for requests.

Roy requested ‘Lookin’ Out My Back Door with its insane lyrics and the group said it was one they didn’t do much but managed to perform quit well anyway. "…Elephants with tambourines were playin’ in the band…" John Fogarty.

June 2-4 ‘Ol Pembina River Ferry Crossing Campground, Sangudo, Alberta

This campground was reviewed in past years. Our Parkland Jays Band performed there this year.

band1 band3

June 14 – 18 Alberta Samboree, Camrose, Alberta

Attendance for this event was down a bit this year due mainly to high fuel prices but things went well for all who attended. Our Chapter ran the Bean Bag Baseball tournament and the Pet Parade. Denver did his usual ham act for the judges.

sod shack

We took the local bus tour to historic downtown buildings and the museum in the usual Samboree rainstorm. Janet was intrigued by the pioneer's sod shack at the museum.

July 1 Long Weekend: Wiley West Campground, Drayton Valley, Alberta

Our Good Sam group went to Wiley West for the first time and were placed in some nice campsites. Janet and I only went out for Saturday since we had to be at a Meneely reunion/85th birthday party on July 3rd in Edmonton.

Jan and dog picture

Bummer! Janet came down with a bronchial infection in early July that persisted in to August so we had to curtail our camping activities for a while.

August 11-13 Usona Curling Rink- Wetaskiwin Good Sam Mini Samboree and Hobo Banquet

This event started Wednesday but we had to arrive on Thursday due to Janet’s Dr. Appointment. He gave her a clean bill of health so we packed the rig up and went to renew some old acquaintances as well as have some fun. The Usona curling rink is a very nice multi purpose facility for smaller get togethers.

Everyone from the forty-six rigs attending had to dress up as hobos for the Saturday banquet and the results were hilarious.

August 13-14 Wetaskiwin Lions Campground

"How would you like to slip the surly bonds of earth in a vintage biplane? A trip for two costs $150.00 at the Reynolds museum. They have two planes, a WACO and a Stearman"

Shades of Walter Mitty! "You'll never get me up in one of those contraptions!"

The low pitched rumble of an older seven cylinder radial engine coming right over the campground interrupted our conversation.

" That looks like the Stearman! Maybe if I set the zoom all the way out on this silly digital camera...."

biplane picture

We stayed at the Lions Campground for a couple of days. Roy tried the bike trails then went to the motorcycle history display at the museum while Janet went shopping.

Good Sam friends from Wetaskiwin, John and Esther, dropped by for a visit and made a valiant effort to help us get the awning up and generally batten things down when a sudden unexpected wind storm came up.

September 1-3 Cross Lake Provincial Park Group Area

Cross Lake Group Site beanbag baseball beanbag baseball

Our Parkland Jays had reserved the group area for the September long week end and everyone had a great time playing bean bag baseball, boccee, etc. as well as visiting the lake with its hiking/biking trails.

We also had the usual potluck supper and the men had to cook breakfast on Sunday morning. Cooking French Toast outside on a portable stove with hornets added to the excitement but there were no casualties.

September 4-5 Cross Lake Provincial Park Main Campground

The two of us moved to a site in the main campground to relax for a couple of days. Our site had been left in an awful mess by the last campers there, something that always seems to happen on long week ends.

September 6-9 Blueberry Hill RV Park, Athabasca, Alberta

We originally had planned on Lac La Biche but Janet wanted to go to Athabasca so we did. We were surprised to find that the campground was booked but the management found a site for us.

We enjoyed the campground and Athabasca for a couple of days then headed for home. See the Alberta Links page for campground information.

The weather changed for the worst after we returned home so we decided to winterize the trailer and store it for the Winter.