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Welcome to our Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada home page. We have two sons. Jason, the avid outdoor enthusiast and bowhunter lives and works here in Spruce Grove. His younger brother Brian lives and works in Edmonton with his wife Diana. Some of Brian's landscaping work can be seen at his employer's site. 


Extensive kitchen remodeling kept us busy most of the year.  RJS Custom Woodworking did a great job on our cabinets. 

I bought a reconditioned Dell Optiplex computer, added a second hard drive, upgraded the first to Windows 10, and did a fresh install with Debian 8.5 Jessie on the second drive which is now the primary operating system. 



Cassiope (rhymes with calliope) now has a little sister Linnaea Maria Schmaus born on August 28. Mom and baby are doing very well.

The Debian linux program on this computer went into self destruct mode a while back. I have updated the operating system to Debian Jessie, restored things from backups, and am now using the bluefish editor. My brachytherapy on June 23 went very well. No heavy lifting, etc. for a month so am using the time to update these pages a bit. Roy. 

Cassiope's second birthday. A walk in the woods Salix the Portie

Happy Second Birthday!
Happy Camping

May the road rise to meet you...

Our house guest when
the kids are away
Salix the "Portie"

Roy and Janet Schmaus  June 2015


   Our first grandchild, Sia (Cassiope Veronica Schmaus) celebrated her first birthday on May 14th with her proud parents Brian and Diana.

Cassiope's first birthday. Our Thunderchild crabapple in bloom Our Thunderchild crabapple in bloom

Happy Birthday!

Our Thunderchild Crabapple

Revelstoke June 7, 1969
Our wedding day.

2014 was not a great year for us. Our little dog Denver passed away then Roy, after an annual physical and ultrasound, had to undergo a series of diagnostic imaging procedures in Edmonton so we only managed one RV trip to Jasper in late September. The scheduling of a second MRI conflicted with our plans for the Revelstoke homecoming so that trip had to be canceled. The MRI was a second one and showed no change over the Summer so if it ain't broke etc. We did have a wonderful Christmas at Brian, Diana, and Sia's recently remodeled home in Edmonton.


In June of 2013 we took an RV trip through the Rockies to the BC Samboree in Armstrong where the city was celebrating its Centennial. A log of that trip is here.

Roy and Janet Schmaus December 2013

2012 trip log|||2011 trip log

2010 was a busy year for us. Brian's employer took a group to Swaziland in March to help renovate a building used as an orphanage. After a week in Bulumbu the group went to the Amakhosi Safari lodge in Zululand for the second week. Brian and Diana went along and we were relieved when they made it home safely.

We went to Jasper, Lake Louise, then Armstrong B.C. for the B.C. Samboree. After that we spent several days in Janet's old home town or Revelstoke then came home via Lake Louise and Jasper.

Roy and Janet Schmaus, July, 2010

2009 pictures are below.

Ice fishing with our oldest son Jason. Roy was taking the picture. K40/K-ette group. Elk at Jasper

Our oldest son Jason ice fishing.  Its like Opera. Either you get it or you don't!

Nice Rainbow!

We celebrated our fortieth wedding anniversary in June. Our kids took us to the Keg to celebrate that day. A week later the K 40's and K-ettes presented us with a cake at the annual barbecue. Neighbours Glenn and Moira (Beside the love seat.) took the picture and baked the cake.

This guy was spotted on the Pyramid Lake road in Jasper

Brian and Diana Janet and Denver Thunderchild Crabapple
Brian and Diana, San Francisco, January, 2009 Janet and Denver, Jasper, 2009 The Thunderchild Crabapple that Brian gave us last year. 2008 Picture

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